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TransformHealthRx sprang from the passion of it founder Allison Judge. She believes there is a better approach to delivering compassionate primary care and reducing costs at the same time. After years of program development they are now delivering on that belief. With our corporate headquarters in Statesboro, Georgia and a marketing office in Atlanta we understand the real world healthcare problems our clients face and are solving them on a daily basis.

We are not satisfied with the choice of saving healthcare dollars OR improving patient care. We have developed two industry solutions that do both. For details on our Corrections programs click here. For details on our Employer Worksite programs click here.

TransformHealthRx has been delivering clinical based healthcare services for over 8 years. We currently do business in Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina. Our management team have strong backgrounds in clinical and healthcare administration services. We are clinically focused. All cost improvement ideas are first filtered to insure there is no negative impact on patient care.

We believe in community engagement and emphasize the importance of getting our staff to co-ordinate their efforts locally and face-to-face with everyone in the care process. Allison says “It takes boots-on-the-ground, eye-to-eye to change patient behaviors”. We understand the challenges our patients face with rising copays, rising pharmacy costs, and the difficulty of making lifestyle changes. Its compassionate understanding care that creates change. The change will lead to cost savings.

We believe in applying technology to get specific results and not just to say we have it. Our Dashboard system allows all stake-holders to continually monitor our programs progress from a cost savings, utilization, and patient outcome viewpoint. We strive for a eco-friendly paperless environment using an internet based EHR, patient portal, and reporting system. We also use video-conference technology to communicate internally between our clinics to encourage best practice exchange.

We believe in partnering with our industry stakeholders and taking a leadership role in reforming the healthcare delivery system. We are currently members of the Georgia Municipal Association, Association of County Commissioners of Georgia, Georgia Sheriffs Association, Georgia Jail Association, North Carolina Sheriffs Association, North Carolina Jail Association, and Women President's Organization.

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